Duct Sealing

Why is duct sealing important?

  • Heating and cooling account for approximately 50 percent of
    your home’s energy usage
  • Sealing your leaky air ducts may be the single most important thing you can do to improve your home’s energy performance

What does duct sealing improve?

  • Lowers summer and winter utility bills
  • Makes rooms more comfortable
  • Improves the quality of indoor air
  • Increases the life span of HVAC units
  • Reduces noise from the HVAC system
  • Reduces excessive dust

Your duct system is responsible for efficiently distributing conditioned air throughout your home. Potential savings from a high efficiency HVAC unit can be negated if conditioned air is leaking into your attic and crawl space through gaps in your duct-work.

ENERGY STAR estimates that the typical home loses 20-40 percent of the air that moves through the duct-work. Proper duct sealing is an important step in optimizing the performance of your HVAC


State and federal tax credits may apply.

Some additional local utility and manufacturer rebates may be available in your area.

Common Insulation Questions

How do you seal your ductwork?

Sealing your ductwork does not require a lot of material,  just time and special attention. The most important thing to remember when duct sealing is, “don’t use duct tape.” The adhesives in duct tape are not designed to withstand typical temperature and moisture variations around ductwork.

Duct mastic or mastic tape is designed for HVAC applications and is the preferred method for a long lasting seal. Duct mastic is applied directly to the internal duct not on the outside duct insulation.

How much money could I save?

Studies have shown that a 30 percent reduction in duct leakage, on average, will reduce your annual energy consumption by as much as 16 percent.

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