Wall insulation

Wall Insulation

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Cellulose Insulation in the walls of existing homes makes a difference you will see, feel, and enjoy. It’s never too late for families to benefit from a better insulated and safer home.

Cellulose Insulation fully and tightly insulates, forming a monolithic thermal and acoustical barrier. Our Wall system provides all of the advantages of a wet spray wall application, such as a monolithic seal – without gaps, that has effective sound barrier qualities, and an efficient air filtration barrier.

Our wall insulation system is easy to install and will fit in different size wall cavities and around countless obstacles.

Sound Barrier Qualities/ Sound Proofing

Cellulose apart from reducing the electricity bill, will also reduce the noise from outside.

According to National Fiber in a study conducted on noise reduction from different types of insulation cellulose performed the best with close to 8dB (decibels) in a 2’x4′ wall cavity. In a 2’x6′ wall cavity when cellulose was added it was able to improve the STC (Sound Emission Coefficient) by around 14dB which is a very noticeable difference. When cellulose is correctly installed in wall cavities it can greatly impact noise reduction throughout the entire home.

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"Insulate yourself against high energy bills"