Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. How long does the snow stay on your roof compared to your neighbors?                                                                                                                             (Keeping snow means your home retains more heat)
  2. Do I have enough attic ventilation in my home?                                          (Low to high roof ventilation is required for an attic to breathe)
  3. How many times does my HVAC system turn on per hour?                   (The number and length of times the system turns on gives the homeowner an idea on how well the home is insulated)
  4. Is my upstairs a different temperature than downstairs?                        (This is because of poor ventilation or a common air sealing issue where the floors are left open to the attic on the 2nd story)
  5. What is the combustible rate for the different types of insulation?        (Here is a video on how quickly fire spreads with cellulose, fiberglass, and foam)                                                                                                             

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